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The leading medical laboratory and diagnostic center in Owerri, Imo State that guarantees accurate laboratory tests and results.


We ensure safe and accurate diagnosis with effective remedial treatments

Rockel laboratory and Diagnostic center is one of the leading private health care providers in Owerri, Imo state. Established in 2016, a sister company to Swiftel-J pharmaceuticals Nig.Ltd.

Do not second-guess that sickness, find out what is actually wrong


At Rockel Laboratory and Diagnostic Center, we offer a vast array of services. See below for some of them


These are groups of tests that are routinely ordered to determine a person’s general health status. They help evaluate, for example, the body’s electrolyte balance and/or the status of several major body organs.


This is a blood test to detect the presence of antibodies against a microorganism. A serologic test can determine whether a person has been exposed to a particular microorganism. 

Tumour Marking

Tumour marking test is a test conducted to determine if a person has traces of cancer cells in their bloodstream, urine, or body tissue.

Corporate Services


Are you a Tertiary student in need of medical counsel?, medical lab test services?

Do you have medical issues and you do not know what to do?

Have you noticed some changes in your body and do not know who to Trust?

We can Help!

You can Confide in us!

We’re Rockel Lab and you can Trust Us!

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Domestic Staff health screening is a set of tests that check for communicable diseases in the staff that work in homes and offices. These tests ensure that while these needed staff carry out their duties in the homes, the household isn’t placed under undue health risks.

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Are your school Kids resuming for the Term?

Every new term, different children from different homes resume school with your children with all manner of medical situations, routine medical check is needful.

We know that work can be very demanding and you might not have time to do some other important things.

Knowing your child’s medical state is very important in cases of emergency

Rockel lab can help with Prompt and credible service!

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We will come to you!!

Do You work in Public Offices, hold sensitive positions in society and do not have the time and cannot risk the exposure to visit our medical Facility?

We’re Mohammed, we go to the Mountain!

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Food handlers test is designed to ensure that those tasked with handling food do not pose any risk to others. Food handlers test forms a significant part of the quality assurance system of food and beverage companies, catering firms and eateries and hotels.

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Premarital test is a test that offers a crucial health assessment of soon-to-be married couples in which they are tested for genetic, infectious and transmissible diseases to prevent any risk of transmitting any disease to each other and their children.
Marriage is considered a remarkable event in a couple’s life, as they plan to start a family, and through which they usher in a new stage in terms of building emotional, social, familial and healthy relationships.

Are you an intending couple?
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Why People Trust Us

Rockel Laboratory and Diagnostic Center is loved and trusted by people because of some of the following reasons

High Quality Lab

We offer credible and high quality laboratory and diagnostic services. We do not compromise the standards.

Experienced Staff

We have the best specialists in the field. Our staff are qualified and very experienced.

Valid Result

Our test results are valid and well documented and can be used as medical reports anywhere.

Taking care of your body is a responsibility, not an option

Rockel Laboratories in a nut shell


To positively impact our immediate environment by exceeding excellence in patient care through effective and effective medical laboratory testing.

Our Location

#137 World Bank Housing Estate by last round about, New Owerri, 
Imo State.

To provide timely, credible quality medical laboratory and imagery science services.

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Our quality service speaks for us. Our patients are always saying good things about us.

Rockel lab has been of good help to me and my family; and also of good help to others generally.


My experience at Rockel Laboratories is second to none. Everything went smoothly. The test didn’t take time. I was also properly guided and educated on the next step to take. I left there feeling much better.



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